Bike rentals are available from Bozeman Cottage, and are discounted if you are staying in a Bozeman Cottage vacation rental. This is the most affordable bike rental service in Bozeman and it’s the only one that delivers the bike(s) to you. 

Delivery range is +/- 2 miles from downtown Bozeman and is done with an electric bike and custom trailer. Arrangements can be made to pick up your bike if needed. All bikes come with helmet, lock, and bike trail map.

Send us an email to make your reservation: Include which bikes you choose from the list below or just give us your general preference and height and we’ll get you set up.

Payment is done with Venmo or via our secure online self-payment site and you’ll need to sign this waiver for each rider.

Rates for guests staying in Bozeman Cottage rental houses:
Adult bikes $20/day $100/week
Kids bikes $10/day $50/week
Free delivery for rentals of 4 days or more, $10/bike delivery fee may apply for rentals of 1-3 days.
Rates for non-Bozeman Cottage guests:
Adult bikes $25/day $125/week
Kids bikes $13/day $75/week
Plus $10 for meeting at bike garage

Note: Non-Bozeman Cottage guests must post a deposit for each bike, and if staying in a hotel the bikes must be kept inside the room to prevent theft.
Since 2015 we have been providing the option of having a bike waiting at your house for you when you arrive. One of the best ways of exploring or just getting around Bozeman is by bike – you can even put them on the free Streamline buses. We have a fleet of various bikes waiting to get you around.
The bike rental program is a partnership with the Bozeman Bike Kitchen, advocating and enabling bike usage and repair in Bozeman.

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